C & F Associates began as Vanguard-Dasca in 1962. The original company started in recording, radio and television production and audio-visual services. As the company grew, and technology advanced, the company added telephone system installations and then computers and computer services. Computer services including writing award winning software for installation companies and specialized software for the racetrack industry, providing Point of Sale and Player Club tracking and reward software and hardware. Computer hardware solutions included building custom systems and networks, including point-to-point and large industrial and office wireless systems to add to the wired networks. Added services have included satellite, video, security and access control systems. C & F Associates provides web and email hosting and simple cost effective web design for clients.

C & F has always been about unique and custom solutions. At a college campus we built a system to turn on pumps remotely to fill a large campus water tank. Inside a Rescue squad building we designed and built a system that when a call came in it would broadcast the call on a public address with the building as squad members raced for their vehicles. During the night it would turn on all the lights in the sleeping quarters and truck bays as the call started. We have designed and written unique programming and operations of specialized computer programs for unique applications. C & F has always been a resource for solutions to everyday needs and unusal situations.

The company has become a consultant organization that works with individuals, sub-contractors and other companies to find solutions for a client's needs.


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STS-133 Discovery Shuttle Launch Feb. 24, 2011 from David S. Calef on Vimeo.

This was the final launch of space shuttle Discovery before retirement. Shot from the NASA press site using a Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH1K HD DSLR. Stereo audio tracks are Left = natural sound at press site. Right = NASA audio feed for press and public. At end of clip I cut briefly to NASA video.

I was one of 150 people selected out of 2,700 applications to attended the NASA TweetUp for the originally scheduled STS-133 launch on November 1, 2011. After several scrubs for technical issues, shuttle was delayed several times until Feb. 24, 2011.

Sound is like thunder rolling towards you from a distant hill and not stopping. The ground shakes, your clothes vibrate from the sound waves, and your whole body shakes. Remember the bass drum in a parade when you were a little kid? You feel the sound almost more than hearing it as it envelopes you. I have never heard a louder sound. It lasts for more than a minute. The rocket is as bright as staring directly at the sun. Absolutely a lifetime awesome experience.

As a fellow Tweetup attendee pointed out, you can hear the sound delay as the launch audio reaches the press site in the left channel at +12 seconds MET into the count.  The right channel audio from NASA has microphones near the launch pad.

Apologies for the lousy vertical tracking. I did not intend to follow the shuttle as it rose. As it started rising, I unlocked the tripod head and tried to follow. I was using a light still camera head that was stiff and jerky. It was not intended for smooth video shots. Yes, I am getting old but I am really a much better photographer than this demonstrates!

                            -- David S. Calef